Superior Catheter Products

Superior Catheter Products Medical Direct Club carries a complete line of intermittent, closed system, coudé, external, foley, and hydrophilic catheters from all major brands and all of the latest technology. We offer DEHP free, Latex free, and even Virtually pain free catheters that have polished eyelets with smooth, rounded edges to increase comfort.

Insurance Billing

Insurance Billing We are experts at lowering the cost of supplies for patients by maximizing their insurance benefits. We also bill insurance directly, to eliminate all of the hassle. Insurance coverage is verified and customized options are presented to patients based on their benefits.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support Medical Direct Club provides lifetime support to patients by handling all reorders and ensuring they have supplies on-hand when they need them in order to reduce urinary tract infections, increase comfort, and keep our patients healthy.

Save Time

Save Time One-stop process eliminates multiple phone calls to locate a supplier. We will obtain all necessary authorizations required by insurance plans and prescriptions from doctors.

Free Two-Way Home Delivery

Supplies are always shipped for FREE directly to the patient’s front door, including free returns for unused supplies with no questions asked.

Medicare now pays for up to 200 disposable catheters per month. Medical Direct Club can help patients reduce the occurrence of Urinary Tract Infections, avoid pain and discomfort, and improve their quality of life. Medicare now requires all catheter prescriptions to be disposable.

Personal Service

Quality customer service provided by live trained catheter specialists.

Medical Direct Club is a nationally accredited Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance provider of urological supplies. Our club members trust and rely on us for a convenient, caring, and dependable way to get their supplies.